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Smiiiille, you’re in the Maldives!

Wouldn’t it be great if your holiday at Innahura lasted for just a little bit longer? Our door is always open and we will be happy to welcome you on the island again, and while you’re waiting for the time to come, you can resort to lovely imagery from your time at Innahura. At a destination as beautiful as the Maldives, a photo album and videos to eternalise your holiday are must-have souvenirs!
Inna Flash Services

Inna Flash Photo Studio Services

Photography packages

Be it your family's fun in the sun, your exchange of vows ceremony or honeymoon, or an epic beach escape with your friends, have our photographers capture the happiness for your lifelong memories.

Video Shooting

Capture a snapshot of your time at Innahura with a video shoot to keep those memories alive long after the holiday is over. Perfect for couples, families and friends.

Drone video shooting

Innahura's surroundings are wonderful from every perspective, including the bird's eye view, and things only get better when you enter the frame! For a truly astounding video to impress your loved ones at home, a drone video shooting on the nearby island is a must!

Treat yourself

Arrange a surprise for a loved one, or a special treat for yourself, and prebook photography studio’s through our gift platform in advance.

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