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Snorkel with Turtles Innahura Maldives

Get your hair wet

Step into a world of colour, sound and life as you discover the incredible marine life of the Maldives. The warm waters of the Maldives around Innahura are world renowned for their incredible fish life, beautiful coral systems and amazing snorkelling.

The large lagoon in front of Innahura, dotted with coral outcrops and bombies, is the perfect place to become accustomed to snorkelling in the Maldives. Those who are new to snorkelling will enjoy the snorkel sessions from Prodivers, aimed at getting beginners comfortable in the water so they can make the most of their stay at Innahura.

Have an Adventure

Daily snorkel trips will run from the island to the nearby coral reefs, including Innahura’s out reef, the longest continuous reef in the Maldives, where the chance to spot rays, turtles and schools of fish is bound to tempt any water lover and add an incredible experience to your holiday.

FAQs – You ask, we answer!

Have questions about Innahura Maldives Resort? We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.

Do I need to be able to swim to snorkel?

Whilst snorkel vests and life jackets are available at the resort, basic swimming skills are required for snorkelling.

Can I swim with manta rays and whale sharks?

The Lhavyiani Atoll has a well-established manta ray population, with sightings occurring year round – however, the best time to swim and snorkel with manta rays is usually from October – March.

Whale shark sightings are rare, and although you may get lucky during your stay we wouldn’t usually expect to see them on our snorkel trips.

Are there sharks?

Yes. The Maldives is home to 26 different species of shark, although most of these live in deeper water, and you would not usually see snorkelling. Some species of reef sharks and nurse sharks can be seen on snorkel trips, however, these do not pose a danger to humans.

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