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Beach Bungalow Maldives Innahura Resort

Bright and airy beach bungalows

Palm trees are swaying in the breeze, beneath them are sunbeds that are vying for your attention, a stretch of sand so soft that it tickles your feet and leads you from your bungalow to a lagoon as clear as clear gets – welcome to Innahura! Chances are this is exactly how you pictured your holiday in the Maldives…

Innahura’s charm lies in going back to basics. The resort’s bungalows are suited for people like you and me: they are modest yet comfortable and unpretentious yet memorable. They deliver on the promise of a tropical, laid-back hideaway from which you can splurge on all the fun things to do on and around the island. These vibrant bungalows are spacious, located on the beach, come with a minibar as well as private sunloungers – they are what your Maldives’ dreams are made of, without a hefty price tag attached to them.

Put your feet up and go with the flow!

Sleep 2, additional bed possible

Free WiFi

AI Easy, full board

Directly on the beach

40-minute seaplane transfer from Male’

Where would you like to wake up?

A total of 78 vibrant, 79m2 bungalows line Innahura’s sandy beach. Whether it be your honeymoon, family get-together or simply a week or two of living the good life on a small island in the Indian Ocean, look no further for an authentic Maldivian experience.

Sunset Beach Bungalows

33 airy bungalows with magnificent views of Innahura’s picture-perfect lagoon.

Sunrise Beach Bungalows

41 bright bungalows complete with views of the open ocean as far as the eye can see.

Inter-Connecting Beach Bungalows

Friends and families who travel to the Maldives together stay together. A total of 4 adjacent bungalows for maximum fun.


Get a glimpse of what comforts and surroundings await you at Innahura. #nofilter required!

Private beach bungalow King Size Beds Sundeck with a view Semi-outdoor bathroom Minibar Spacious living space Ocean view Beach Front Location

“Have a barefoot, fun and fabulous time in the Maldives by booking a holiday at Innahura. Enjoy good value with the various bungalows and the fuss-free AI Easy programme when you join us in paradise, just 40 minutes away from Male’. “

FAQs – You ask, we answer!

Have questions about Innahura Maldives Resort? We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.


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