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Jetty Maldives Innahura Resort

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Innahura Maldives Resort House Reef
Learn to snorkel at Innahura, our team will guide you every step of the way and take you on amazing adventures - get started with our 'Top 10 Tips' for beginners.
Family picnics and movie nights will never be the same again once you've experienced Innahura!
Beach Volley Maldives Innahura Resort
Innahura's relaxed and vibrant atmosphere is guaranteed to lift the spirits and reinstate the feel-good factor to all who visit.
The vibe at Innahura is carefree and fun, relaxation and adventure all rolled into one for a holiday experience full of memorable escapes.
Duniye Spa Innahura Maldives
Treat yourself during your long-awaited holiday in the Maldives with our signature massage, Ocean Dreaming.
Pool Maldives Innahura Resort
We are pleased to announce that Innahura will reopen on 15th December 2020 and we are committed to your health and safety as we welcome you back.
fresh fish bbq maldives
Innahura only serves fish and seafood that has been sourced from sustainable fisheries, with much of the fish served, caught in the Maldives.
Watersports Center Maldives Innahura Resort
Find out why the Maldives is rated as one of the world's top destinations, and if it should be on your travel bucket list.
Maldives paradise island Innahura
When wanderlust strikes it's normal to crave as much information about the place of your dreams as possible so here are a few interesting facts about the Maldives...
Scuba Diving Maldives Snappers
Biodiversity is the 2020 World Environment Day theme and Innahura Maldives has a lot of that - just look at what you can see on our reefs!
Maldives turtle
To celebrate World Turtle Day on 23rd May, we've collected 10 fun facts about turtles.
Stand Up Paddleboard Maldives Innahura Resort
Escape to Innahura this winter where you can enjoy perfect, white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, and cocktails by the pool.
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