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Jetty Maldives Innahura Resort

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Stand Up Paddleboard Maldives Innahura Resort
Escape to Innahura this winter where you can enjoy perfect, white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, and cocktails by the pool.

Maldives Marine Life

Incredible marine life is one of the Maldives' biggest attractions, go snorkelling or diving at Innhura to experience it.
Snorkeling at Maldives Innahura Resort
If every visitor to the Maldives considers these 5 simple steps, then we can all start to make a big difference, together.
Kayak Maldives Innahura Resort
We would like to thank everyone who has visited us over the last 12 months and who have helped make Innahura’s 1st year so special.
Paradise lagoon Maldives Innahura
Innahura's lagoon is so inviting you'll barely be able to stop yourself from jumping straight in, the moment your seaplane splashes down onto it!
Loabi Island Innahura Maldives Resort
Swap the January blues for the blues of the Indian Ocean and Innahura! Check our 5 suggestions to lift your mood - all available at Innahura!
Snorkeling at Maldives Innahura Resort
You’ll want to make every moment of your Maldives holiday count so we’ve put together a collection of the Top 10 things to do.
Innahura's most popular activities - also bookable through Innahura Gifts.
Arrival drinks Innahura Maldives
You, our dear returning guests, are the best feedback a new resort can wish for!
Snorkeling at Maldives Innahura Resort
Innahura's photography studio, Inna Flash, is your one-stop shop for beach and wedding photography. Book packages online.
Join manta ray search excursions when at Innahura!
Pool Maldives Innahura Resort
Our live webcam is on!
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