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Jetty Maldives Innahura Resort

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Innahura Maldives Resort House Reef
To visit the Maldives and not go snorkelling would be a BIG mistake so pop along to the dive centre and embark upon a snorkelling adventure!
Ensure your encounters with sea turtles at Innahura are responsible by following the Olive Ridley Project's Code of Conduct.
Hammock Maldives Innahura Resort
Imagine a holiday where you can do exactly as you wish, no compromises, everything on your terms - Innahura s waiting!
Beach Volley Maldives Innahura Resort
Find out all about the exciting happenings at Innahura during the last month as well as future events.
Look out for delicious local tuna on the menus and buffet tables at Innahura, sustainably caught by the Maldivian pole and line fishing method.
Local Village Maldives
Experiencing some of the local culture sets a holiday in the Maldives apart from a multitude of other tropical beach escapes.
At Innahura we believe the perfect Maldives holiday needs balance - rest and relaxation sprinkled with adventure and excitement!
Maldives sunset innahura
Innahura would love it if you could join them from wherever you are in the world in taking some small steps to invest in Planet Earth.
Scuba diving and snorkelling amongst the marine life in the Maldives is extremely safe, you just have to look and admire but never touch.
Find out all about the exciting happenings at Innahura during the last month as well as future events.
Bubbles are always a hit with kids and if they are aged 8+ they can enjoy an adventure they will never forget as they try diving in the lagoon amongst colourful fish.
Earth Hour Maldives
Join Innahura Maldives for Earth Hour 2023, at the resort or from home - let's switch off the lights and come together for nature.
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