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Bodu Beru Maldives Innahura Resort

Join in the fun!

The wonderful thing about Innahura is that its riches don’t end with beaches – plenty of events and activities are at your fingertips.

In between your ‘me’ time at the spa, sailing across the atoll and reminiscing on the morning’s reef shark encounter with your instructor and dive buddies over a beer, be sure to block some time on your ‘Maldives busy’ schedule for laid-back, casual and fun happenings that the Innahura team plan – or spontaneously make happen because… Why not?

Entertainment Program

Escapes Program

The Maldives with a Twist

Let your creative juices flow as you have a crack at palm leaf craft or fruit carving, learn more about the Maldives’ rich history, flora and fauna; perhaps even dance to the beats of traditional Bodu Beru drummers like nobody is watching. Go with the flow and experience the local culture, hospitality and the team’s joyful spirit as you appreciate the Maldives in its entirety.

FAQs – You ask, we answer!

Have questions about Innahura Maldives Resort? We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions to help you out.


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