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Care for the environment

At Innahura, heartfelt care for you starts with the way we treat the environment. Appreciating the astounding beauty of the Maldives and the planet, we take our responsibility to preserve it for generations to come as best as we can. Sustainability lies at the core of Innahura’s values and we continuously expand our commitment to a greener tomorrow and look to inspire our guests, partners and local communities to follow lead and reduce the impact on the environment to the best of their abilities.

Aligned to the resort’s environment and community sustainability efforts, we are especially proud of the following: solar huts that generate hot water for all the rooms, an in-house desalination and water bottling plant, minimising the use of plastics, ocean-friendly bathroom amenities, sustainable diving and snorkelling practices and supporting local communities.

Sustainability Brochure

Conservation Innahura Maldives

What you can do to help during your holiday:

  • Only take photos
  • Do not touch and feed marine life
  • Do not walk on coral
  • Use biodegradable sunblock
  • Take part in clean up events
  • Don’t litter, take packaging home with you where it can be disposed of in a more sustainable manner
  • Talk to the Prodivers’ team about marine life conservations projects and courses

We care!

Innahura proudly cooperates with:

Manta Trust

The Manta Trust was founded in order to turn the tide for these enigmatic rays, by co-ordinating global research and conservation efforts around manta rays, their relatives, and their habitats.

Olive Ridley Project

Working to remove ghost nets from the ocean, rescue and rehabilitate injured sea turtles, reuse and reduce marine debris.


Taking care of people and nature is essential to the preservation of travel destinations for the future.

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