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Here, Life is Easy

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Restaurant Innahura Maldives
Canoe at Innahura Maldives Resort
Beach dining at Innahura Maldives Resort

Innahura Maldives Resort

Innahura’s formula for making your holiday in the Maldives fabulous is straightforward: we take the quintessential sun, sea and sand elements, add a traditional twist to modern facilities and round it up with a generous dose of authentic experiences.

This unpretentious gem in the south-east Lhaviyani Atoll tempts sunseekers, young and young at heart, who have set their mind on a Maldives’ resort where letting your hair down and savouring life’s small pleasures are the norm. You will fall in love with Innahura because it’s just like you: laid back, fun and always up for new adventures.

Beach Bungalows

You can find me at the beach. A total of 78 vibrant bungalows line Innahura’s sandy beach. Whether it be your honeymoon, family get-together or simply a week or two of living the good life on a small island in the Indian Ocean, look no further for a Maldivian twist.

Sunset Beach Bungalows

33 airy bungalows with magnificent views of Innahura’s picture-perfect lagoon.

Sunrise Beach Bungalows

41 bright bungalows complete with views of the open ocean as far as the eye can see.

Adjacent Beach Bungalows

Friends and families who travel to the Maldives together stay together. A total of 4 adjacent bungalows for maximum fun.

“Innahura is about having all of the fun and none of the hassle. Here, Life is Easy.”

Events at Innahura

The wonderful thing about Innahura is that its riches don’t end with beaches – plenty of events and activities are at your fingertips.

Beach Games Party Time Craft Classes Yoga Sessions BBQ Dinner Snorkel Adventures Evenings Together Challenge the Team


Teleport yourself to the Innahura state of mind before you even arrive! Explore a selection of the most exciting and fun moments caught on camera by our guests and team.

'Holy crab, I think I got lost!' 🎥: @rainer_steinhilber, a.k.a. General Manager. Find moments of simple pleasures all around Innahura. From wildlife encounters and happy-smiley team to the prettiest lagoon you've ever laid your eyes on and meaningful escapes, this is the resort you've been combing the internet for! #innahura #innahuramaldives #hermitcrab #maldiveswildlife #maldivesresorts #maldivesislands #islandlife #beachesandresorts #omaldives #mymaldives



13 hours ago

Gosh, all the crowds...! #innahura #innahuramaldives #maldives #maldivesresorts #beachesnresorts #malediven #sandbank #bluelagoon



4 days ago

A night shot of the bungalows to bring some other colour than bright blue to the feed! When can we be expecting you? P.S. Check out the -40% offer link in bio 🚣👣🍹 @rainer_steinhilber #innahura #innahuramaldives #maldivesislands #maldivesresorts #maldivesvillas #maldives_ig #maldivestrip #malediven #maledivenurlaub



6 days ago

Here's some Monday blues, Innahura style! There are lots and lots of dolphins arounnd the resort, eager to show off their jumps, twists and turns - make sure you sign up for a few boat trips to try your luck at spotting a playful pod or two! Video taken by our wondeful boats crew - these guys love dolphins too so when they shout 'koamas!', you grab your camera and enjoy the show! #innahura #innahuramaldives #dolphins🐬 #maldivesresorts #maldiveswildlife #indianocean #dolphinencounters #maldivesislands #malediven



1 week ago

We 💕 seaplanes! The scenic flight from Male to Innahura is an experience in and of itself and allows you to start off your Maldives holiday in style! @transmaldivian #innahura #innahuramaldives #maldivesresorts #maldivesislands #seaplane #seaplanes #twinotter #wasserflugzeug #malediven #maldives_ig #maldiveshotels



1 week ago

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